Our Champions

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In December 2016, Churches Together leader Nigel Hemming set out his vision for the role of Churches Together Champions, speaking out on different issues and co-ordinating with the activities of local churches. This vision has now become a reality with champions appointed in several areas.


In Prayer, Andrew Walsh is co-ordinating local church efforts to pray together and in imaginative and creative ways.  Andrew is a member at Christ Church Winchester and involved in our regular Churches Together Prayer Meetings.

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Homelessness and Debt 

David Boul champions efforts to help those facing Homelessness and Debt and brings considerable experience and expertise to the role.

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Debbie Veel and Jane are our Chaplaincy Champions for the city.  They are beginning by gathering Chaplains from all walks of life together to share experiences and to support each other.

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Disadvantaged and Vulnerable Families

Sue Broadbent is our Champion for Disadvantaged and Vulnerable Families and has been networking and connecting the efforts different churches make to help those in need.

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Climate Justice

Our Champion for Climate Justice is Jo Crocker who is connected in with local groups such Winacc and Friends of the Earth.  She represents Winchester Churches at National conferences and shares and encourages local churches to do more to combat Climate Change.

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In the area of Business, we are keen to connect the needs and hopes of local businesses with those of the local Church and to represent Winchester’s Business leaders and Entrepreneurs on local forums. A new Business champion will be appointed in the very near future.


Jo Pellatt is our Champion for Refugees and has been involved in considerable activity working with local churches both to provide support for refugees who have come to the area and to raise money and support for the care of those reaching the borders of Europe right now.

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Older People

Neil Mackereth is our champion for older people and seeks to encourage awareness and understanding of the myriad (and often confusing) range of support services and benefits that are available to senior citizens.

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