Street Pastors – could you help?

splogo-e1410195471926Winchester is one of the many locations up and down the UK that have a dedicated Street Pastors team.

Street Pastors are interdenominational teams that go into towns and cities late in the night to be on the streets and to offer care and help to people who they find in practical ways.  Street Pastors are well trained and organised and have lots of public and governmental support both locally and nationally.  Street Pastors teams exist in 300 cities around the country.

In Winchester 63 volunteers in 10 teams do incredible work out of the streets up to three times a week.

Street Pastors are always seeking to recruit new volunteers and their next team training is coming up in October.

If this is something that interests you why not visit their website and find out more.  You can also contact team leader Mark Hibbert-Hingston to find out more at

The training for new team members is taking place as follows:

14th, 15th, 16 October

4th, 5th November

18th, 19th, 20th November

(Fridays evening only, Saturday and Sunday typically 9.30-4.30pm).

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