Thy Kingdom Come 2022 – prayers and reflections for Pentecost

Today is the first day of Thy Kingdom Come 2022 – a series of prayers and reflections leading us to Pentecost.

Who are the five people you want to pray for this year? Listen to the first day’s podcast here. We are encouraging Christian across Winchester to spend a few minutes each day engaging with the message of Thy Kingdom Come 2022.

Or check out the website for a host of free resources and links to help you and your church pray, “Come Holy Spirit”.

If you want to find a church where you can visit, pray and become part of the community of Christ here in Winchester, you can find a church on our website.

Or join with some of those churches to celebrate Pentecost together – Sunday 5th June, 6.30pm at Hope Church, Middle Brook Street, Winchester SO23 8DQ.

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