Join the Winchester Revels and spread the message of Christmas

It’s not too late to join the Winchester Revels. We’re looking for passionate and excited people to be a part of our Christmas production. Whether you’re an actor, singer, or just interested in sharing the Christian meaning of Christmas, we’d love to hear from you!

Just fill in this form and we’ll be in touch.

The Winchester Revels is a dramatic presentation of the nativity during the Christmas Market over the first two weekends in December. It is a joint production between Churches Together in Winchester and Winchester Cathedral.

The vision is to bring the wonder and mystery of the Christmas story into the busyness of the Christmas Market.

We are searching for people who can help to make The Winchester Revels happen:

  • Actors, all shapes, sizes and ages!
  • Wardrobe team – 2 or 3 people who can source costumes from local theatres and HCC wardrobe library.
  • Assistant technician/s who can support the designated cathedral sound and lighting ensuring the accurate timing of mics/ visuals etc.
  • Singers who can act as a flash mob for three carols.
  • Hospitality team for the actual events, keeping the Green Room stocked.

Credit: Photo by Caleb Stokes on Unsplash

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