Climate Justice

Our Climate Justice Champion is Jo Crocker.  She writes

Care for creation is central to our Christian faith.
We are drawn to the wonders of nature: a glorious sunset sky, the intricacies of a dewy spider web, dappled sunshine through new spring leaves, a thunderous waterfall, the way a mere breath can help still us.

‘God saw it and it was good’

And amidst our awe at creation we know we are charged with responsibilty to care for it.
So, how, as churches, communities, families, Christians, can we best engage with the movement for climate justice?
As churches together in this city we can make a big difference…so let’s support and encourage each other. Please share with us what your church is doing. Please get in touch if you are interested in this area, or would like to explore this further.

You can contact Jo through the CTW team.











Jo, along with the university and Winacc  is working on the 2022 Winchester and District Green Week. This happens between 24 September and 2 October.