Older People

Our champion for older people seeks to encourage awareness and understanding of the myriad (and often confusing) range of support services and benefits that are available to senior citizens.

The CTW aim is to be a point of contact for older people who are seeking advice on age related needs; and to network, advertise, and generally facilitate, good communications with appropriate agencies to enable people to make informed choices based on best advice. In the process, CTW seeks to respect, value, encourage and involve older people in identifying challenges and seeking solutions.

Our objectives include assisting older people to increase their well-being, independence, knowledge, sense of purpose, involvement in the community and quality of life. Our networking is with a wide range of agencies, services, the Council, and various charities providing advice on health, money issues, housing (including sheltered accommodation and nursing homes), bereavement, support and care.

In summary, we seek to welcome, nurture and encourage older people and to convey the breadth of services available for them in the community. We endeavour to combat loneliness by increasing community awareness and encouraging social activities that build fellowship and well-being. Contact Howard Mellor, chair of Churches Together in Winchester, to find out more.