What can the Church do for you?

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People make the Church …. Jesus called each of us to “love your neighbour as yourself” (Matt 22:39).  The Church in Winchester is therefore passionate about helping each person as we in turn learn to love ourselves too.

Did you know that the Churches in Winchester provide one of the major planks in practical help and social care provided for the residents of our city?

If you’re at a stage in your life where you feel you need some outside help it can be difficult to ask or to know where to start.  Hopefully this page can be the beginning of a new chapter for you.  If there is something you’re struggling with that the links below don’t help you with, then email us at help@ctwin.org.uk and we’ll try and point you in the right direction.

What can the Church do for me …..

Marriage and relationships. There are many churches which run courses to help develop marriages and committed relationships.  For example Christ Church and Hope Church both run nationally recognised courses.

Debt advice.  There are many Church courses and services to help those struggling with debt.  Frontline is a national agency with bases in and around Winchester and offer free and impartial advice to anyone who asks. Winchester Baptist Church is hosting a CAP Money course starting Monday 10th September, for details visit https://capuk.org/ or to register email cap@winbap.org

Housing.  There are a number of Church initiated schemes which help in the area of housing.  Winchester Churches Nightshelter can help with temporary and emergency accommodation for the most vulnerable.  The Winchester Rent Deposit Scheme helps provide loans for deposit payments on lettings.

Counselling and pastoral support.  The Olive Branch Christian Counselling Service is a well respected local counselling agency which can take clients from all walks of life.

Care for refugees. Winchester Churches work together to support refugees and raise awareness of the issues around migration.  Jo Pellatt is our Churches Together Champion for Refugees and is contactable at refugees@ctwin.org.uk.

Bereavement Support. All of our churches are led by people trained in caring for those who are bereaved and helping in all the different elements of care required when someone dies.  Why not get in touch with your local church and ask for help.

City Centre & Night time economy.  Winchester has a highly respected and experienced Street Pastors Team who are out on our streets at night providing support for those who are out and for those working in the night-time economy.  We also have a City Centre Chaplaincy team building relationships and providing support with those who make Winchester what it is.

Parent and Toddler Groups.  Nearly all of Winchester’s local churches have groups aimed at Parents and Toddlers.  It’s worth getting in touch with your local church to find out more.  These groups are often highly thought of and sometimes have waiting lists due to their popularity.  One such group is The Ark in Hope Church in the centre of town.  Another can be found at the United Church on Jewry Street.

Food and Welfare.  Winchester’s Basics Bank is a focal point for providing emergency food and clothing for individuals and families in need.  The emergency food parcels offered provide enough tinned and dried food for 7 days. Good quality second hand clothes (men’s and women’s) are also available when necessary. Those in emergency need are referred by some 60 local referral agents such as City council, county council, local housing associations, charities and churches. There are some 70volunteers drawn mainly from local churches who regularly support the Basics Bank  operation. www.winchesterbasicsbank.co.uk

Children.  Winchester Vineyard Church in the Bar End Industrial Estate have a wonderful Children’s storehouse of nearly new baby equipment, clothes and toys which they donate to local families after referral from care agencies.  The storehouse is open for clients on Thursdays between 10am and 2pm term time.  This storehouse is fuelled by donations so if you want to give you can do that too.

University.  The Chaplaincy provides great support for both students and staff alike to find out more email chaplaincy@winchester.ac.uk.  All of Winchester’s churches also provide special provision for students such as Winchester Vineyard‘s great student section of their website.

Help for the elderly.  The wonderful Winchester Live at Home scheme provides support for those in later years who live at home on their own.

Hospital visiting.  There is an incredible Chaplaincy team at Winchester’s hospital.  You can find out more here.

Christian Resource Library.  The Diocese of Winchester has a ‘Resource Room’ based in the Learning Centre for the Cathedral.  It holds a fantastic range of books, DVDs, Godly Play Sets, and a wealth of other resources.  All available to borrow individually for a small fee, or under an annual subscription.  The Resource Room is open to anyone and everyone. The Resource Room is not run for profit –  simply offers its services for use by all. http://resourceroom.winchester.anglican.org/Resources/Pages/

There are also many other initiatives not mentioned on this page such as working with children, young people and adults right across our churches in Winchester. If we can help you or you need someone to help you out, why not get in touch by emailing help@ctwin.org.uk.